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Venda, Inc., is a veteran owned and operated company, that has partnered with two non-profits (Soldier On and a Hero’s Journey) with a simple mission: to provide the basics for those who often lack access to the simple things that many of us take for granted; and to do so around the clock and at an affordable price.

Venda’s innovative, 21st-Century vending machines – also known as “robotic retailing units” (RRU) – combined with a unique marketing and sales strategy, will provide consumers unlimited access to convenience products and nutritious meals. Venda is committed to fielding demographically tailored inventories within these machines that offer consumers healthier meal choices as well as essential supplies and hygiene products.

Venda has executed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Soldier On: a highly successful non-profit organization dedicated to helping homeless veterans in multiple states. The first of the three machines will be placed in Pittsfield, MA at one of the Soldier On Homeless Veterans facilities. The second machine will be placed at the Soldiers’ Home in Chelsea, MA. The third machine will be place at Brighton Marine in Brighton, MA.


This MOU is a first step in Venda’s plan to empower veterans and to alleviate the challenges that they often face in transitioning back to life in the civilian world. Through this alliance, Venda and Soldier On will collaborate to create opportunities for both private and non-profit entities to give veterans new work opportunities. Soldier On’s network of potential placements will allow Venda to rapidly expand its fleet of vending machines. In addition, Soldier On members will assist with food preparation, production labor, and distribution efforts all while enabling and energizing veterans in need. Venda will share revenues with Soldier On providing the organization with an additional source of income that will allow the organization to aid an increasing number of homeless veterans.


In addition, Venda has created a franchise program for veterans and furthermore, Venda’s machines are equipped with LED displays that offer organizations the chance to purchase around-the-clock video advertising to their clientele. Venda offers machine sponsorships that will allow individuals and organizations the chance to fund a machine that extols their commitment to helping veterans


At Venda, we believe that the debt America owes to veterans is a lifelong commitment. As America’s longest war draws ever close to its end, we believe that it is vital for Americans to enable veterans to live lives of peace and prosperity. As such, Venda is a company that is veteran founded, veteran financed, employing veterans and giving back to veteran charities. Our most elemental goal is to honor our duty to those who served and to help them fulfill their potential as citizens at home.

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