TBT Group

TBT Group

TBT is an emerging leader in the manufacture of piezoelectric ceramics. The company has developed scalable proprietary manufacturing processes and product lines supplying piezoelectric ceramic materials and components for sonar, sensor, energy-harvesting and other large market needs (market potential of $31.3 billion by 2022).


TBT’s product efficacy, US-domiciled sourcing and production, and its strong responsiveness to supplier requirements position the company as the sole US supplier of Navy IV Barium Titanate.

The Company also supplies other critical components to customers including elements of the US Department of Defense, L3Harris Technologies, Ultra Electronics, Gavial Holdings and Johnson Outdoors, among others.


TBT has tactically positioned itself solely as a piezoelectric and advanced materials supplier – not an integrated solutions provider (like many US competitors) nor as a commodity bulk materials supplier (such as Chinese and other Asia-Pacific producers). TBT charges attractive margins for its finished products based upon superior performance, unique operational characteristics and the company’s status as the lone supplier of Navy IV materials. The Company is an important supplier for mission critical materials. Having a domestic supply chain for these critical materials is a matter of national security.

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