Cyrano Therapeutics


Cyrano Therapeutics is developing the first major therapy for smell and flavor restoration. The Company was founded by an experienced healthcare executive after personally experiencing a chronic loss of smell and flavor. The treatment Cyrano developed has restored his smell and flavor function and he is now leading a mission to bring it to others.


The chronic loss of smell and flavor is a condition affecting at least 15 million people in the US alone with a similar incidence in Europe, having a significant impact on quality of life and wellbeing.

Influenza, allergic rhinitis and traumatic brain injury are commonly known causes of chronic smell and flavor loss. In the neurodegenerative disease sector, it is also known that 95 % of Parkinson ‘ s patients experience smell and flavor loss, often the first symptom of the disease.


The nasal spray developed by Cyrano has been successfully tested in a 94-patient pilot study with 3 out of 4 patients responding to treatment in an all-comer population. Patients have now been followed out to one year and no significant side effects have been reported. Currently no marketed drug therapy exists for this indication and the company is not aware of any in the pipeline aside from the Cyrano product. An IP portfolio has been established and key patents have been issued.

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