Cadex Genomics

Cadex Genomics

The Cadex Genomics® platform technology is currently focused on commercializing Alibrex©, a real-time therapy monitoring tool for stage IV solid tumor cancer patients, with +$1B revenue potential in the US and > $2B globally. The platform technology is protected by two issued patents  and two pending patents. The Alibrex assay measures cell-free DNA based on a simple blood draw. The assay is positioned to be the first-to-market, with fast turnaround, low cost and provide highly accurate cancer therapy monitoring results. Alibrex will improve patient quality of life, health outcomes and reduce the cost of care for late-stage cancer patients.

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The commercial launch for Alibrex, is scheduled for first half of 2021 upon completion of ongoing IRB- approved, prospective clinical validation studies at multiple sites in the USA, Canada, Europe and Israel. The founders led successful commercialization at multiple start-ups, including Genomic Health (taking OncotypeDx revenue from $0 to $300M), and includes a leading scientific expert in the world on cell-free DNA. In clinical studies, Alibrex successfully identified stage IV cancer patients who were not responding to their current therapy (and did so with zero false positives), thereby identifying patients who may benefit from moving to a different, possibly more effective, therapy or palliative care.


Cadex Genomics raised $1.5M in a seed round. The company is seeking to raise an additional $5M in funding, of which, $250k has already been raised. This additional funding will allow completion of a 150-patient clinical validation study and support the launch of Alibrex.


Cadex Genomics is currently enrolling patients into the CADEX-0001 clinical study. One hundred sixty-two patients have so far been enrolled. The samples collected from those 162 patients will be used to complete the Alibrex algorithm. Early in 2021, Cadex Genomics will finish the clinical validation of Alibrex.

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