AI Capital

AI Capital

AI Capital is a venture capital firm based in Boulder, CO with operations in Cambridge, MA. The firm invests in growth-stage enterprise applied artificial intelligence software companies that focus on the digitization of society and business. This serves to foster resilience in the supply and delivery of critical goods and services. AI Capital’s broader goal is to promote, create and execute on lasting positive economic development. AI Capital’s team has strong ties to research institutions such as MIT and UC Berkeley, as well as renowned artificial intelligence experts who consult on AI strategy for large multi-national organizations and countries.

AI Capital targets investments in artificial intelligence (AI) software for food and agriculture, consumer goods, public safety, healthcare and pharmaceutical, manufacturing and energy industries. Portfolio companies must be post-revenue at attractive valuations and will have successfully sold and implemented their software into a few large name-brand enterprises alongside some small to medium enterprise (SME) business customers. Investments are focused on software companies in secondary technology markets that are underserved by other capital sources to find overlooked or hidden gems with outstanding prospects.


AI Capital plans to raise approximately $3M additional funding into its AI Capital Pilot Fund that has a maximum capacity of $10M. Funds will be used to add two companies to the existing portfolio of four companies, fund follow-on investments into future investment rounds of these portfolio companies and enable access to investment returns from an expected additional 30 to 40 companies that will be invested from future AI Capital funds. AI Capital has requested a $1M investment from Farmers for Innovation to complement several other investors that are planning to fund the remainder of the additional funding in the AI Capital Pilot Fund.

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