Our Mission

Planting Seeds Of Opportunity

Farmers For Innovation will be a trusted partner to direct the investments of farmers to high-performing companies in multiple arenas with products and services that will ultimately perpetuate Rural America’s success.

    • Ag-Tech
    • Life Sciences
    • Robotics
    • Food
    • Clean Energy
    • AI & Machine Learning
    • National Security
    • Emerging Technologies

FFI’s Mission

Bringing Back America. America was built by farmers. FFI believes that investing in innovation to modernize America’s farms and help overcome the challenges our nation faces is not just an economic opportunity, but our duty as Americans. FFI wants to unify and empower Rural America to ultimately ensure our success by leveraging our resources and investing in technology that will apply to the obstacles farmers currently face or will face soon.


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Bringing Back America

As the COVID-19 Pandemic has shown, many of our critical supply chains are dependent on other countries. FFI believes that the time to correct these strategic vulnerabilities is now. We cannot rely upon our rivals in the world to manage critical resources. Imagine the consequences of an America incapable of producing its own food.


Globalism has exported our technologies to untrusted rivals, our manufacturing capacity to cheap-labor markets, and our access to raw materials to unreliable suppliers. This crisis should serve as a wakeup call for all of us.

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David Kolsrud

Founder, Farmer, Veteran

David Kolsrud has 25 years of proven experience in the renewable energy industries. He helped develop, organize, and fund over twenty projects. David’s expertise is used primarily in the areas of ethanol, biodiesel, and wind projects. In 2006, David formed DAK Renewable Energy Inc. DAK Renewable Energy manages eleven LLC’s with investments in multiple renewable projects. In 2011, David founded The Funding Farm, a company that invests in start-up companies. In 2012, The Funding Farm successfully funded 3 projects. David has been the Cooperative Manager at Agri-Energy LLC in Luverne, MN from 1995 until its sale to GEVO in 2010. He is currently president of the board of directors for Windustry and on the advisory committee at the University of Minnesota for Bio Products and Bio Engineering. David attended the University of Minnesota from 1966-1970 majoring in Agricultural Education. In the fall of 1970, he was inducted into the US Military. He proudly served two years in the United States Army in Berlin, Germany as part of the Berlin Brigade. David and his wife Char continue their farming operation, which started in 1973. They have two grown children Jill and Chris.

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