Farmers For Innovation

Planting Seeds of Opportunity

With COVID-19, America has gone from the greatest economy we have ever experienced to the fastest downward trajectory possible. No amount of money or government support will take us back to where America used to be. We are entering a new era. Pretending we can patch up the old system is not enough. The old system is gone forever.


Let us focus instead on the New America that is emerging from our shelter-at-home chrysalis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of FFI?

Bringing Back America. America was built by farmers. FFI believes that investing in innovation to modernize America’s farms and help overcome the challenges our nation faces is not just an economic opportunity, but our duty as Americans. FFI wants to unify and empower Rural America to ultimately ensure our success by leveraging our resources and investing in technologies that will apply to the obstacles farmers currently face or will face soon.

What do you mean by Bringing Back America?

As the COVID-19 Pandemic has shown, many of our critical supply chains are dependent on other countries. FFI believes that the time to correct these strategic vulnerabilities is now. We cannot rely upon our rivals in the world to manage critical resources. Farms feed America. Imagine the consequences of an America incapable of producing its own food.

How does FFI fit into the solution?

With the passing of the CARES Act, our government is building a framework to bring back the post-pandemic economy, creating jobs, and solving the supply chain issues.

FFI wants to give Main Street a voice as loud as Wall Street during our country’s economic recovery. Organization and advocacy lie at the heart of FFI’s initiative. In order to be heard in Washington, farmers need unity and focus for our movement to reach a critical mass through strength in numbers.

FFI will eventually be a trusted partner to direct the investments of farmers to high-performing companies in multiple arenas with products and services that will ultimately perpetuate the success of Rural America.

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